Use Cases

With a single piece of software you can deliver high performance at the edge or in massively scaled data centers.  

Use Cases

Deliver private clouds at a lower cost than the hyperscalers. Retain Windows & Linux workloads at higher margins.

Build Your Own Cloud

Launch a new cloud offering with a much richer experience and at a much lower cost. Sell virtual data centers with a single easy UI. Use branded nesting to support selling through a channel. Just install on a few commodity servers connect to a few  basic network switches.

Re-platform Public Cloud or Legacy HCI Stack

Replatform from a public cloud or legacy HCI stack to regain control of your spend, increase agility and gain control of your environment. Our customers experience up to a 70% reduction in costs while increasing a security, agility and cost predictability.

Edge Server Offering

Run complex, high performance workloads at the edge. on nested virtual data centers on a very small footprint. Self-healing and remote management capabilities enable distributed, remote deployments.

  • Offer a managed service to deploy, maintain and support a distributed deployment.

  • Expand the reach of your offering geographically with mini-cloud pods at the edge.

Edge Servers is the only software defined data center built in the hypsercale era that can run at the edge. Deliver full function virtual data centers on a tiny footprint, anywhere.

Build Your Own Cloud

Launch a new cloud offering with a richer experience and at a lower cost. Sell virtual data centers with a single easy UI. Nest virtual data centers to support selling through a channel.

Repatriate Workloads

Re-platform a workload from a public cloud or legacy HCI stack to regain control of your spend while retaining the benefits of the cloud. Click here for more.

Dev / Test Environments

Use nested virtual data centers to quickly create or clone entire workloads for testing purposes. Massive deduplication and instant snapshotting allow for frequent checkpoints when testing or developing. Reduce the hardware spend for dev and test environments and free up developers from managing their own infrastructure

Remote Desktops

Provide flexible, efficient, GPU-driven software defined infrastructure for remote desktops. Companies like Leostream have integrated their Remote Desktop offering with to provide highly secure, compliant, on-demand infrastructure for Remote Desktop users.


Create multiple virtual data centers with honey pot workloads. Easily snapshot workloads to study results. Create new virtual data centers easily and quickly for new honeypots. Massive deduplication means common workloads will use minimal additional data.

Words from our customers

“Since installing, we’ve seen a 50% reduction in hardware and software costs, twice the monthly margin on each customer that converts, and at least a 30% reduction in daily support tasks for our customers.”

Nate Battles

Managing Partner

"I truly have nothing but praise for I was originally unaware of the platform but willing to learn, and their support team was outstanding. They are more than competent in their roles and are genuinely willing to help you meet your objectives. Of course, the platform itself is robust and full-featured, but the incredible support team is why is the only option for my virtualization needs.

Joel Ryan


“ allowed us to solve the secure research needs at Arizona State University in an astoundingly fast manner, with visibility and security that makes supporting a large number of unique use cases as easy as following a recipe.”

Chris Kurtz

Dir. of Enterprise Architecture in the Research Technology Office

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