Fully Integrated Stack

Our fully integrated Cloud software stack was built with simplicity and completeness in mind. Yottabyte OS provides a full stack on top of bare metal that enables a complete set of software-defined services for compute, storage, and networking to run enterprise applications in private or public environments. Virtualization is a native part of the stack rather than a standalone product that needs to be bought, deployed and managed separately.

Nested Multi-tenancy Virtualization

Yottabyte is the only solution that provides securely nested multi-tenancy. This tenancy model provides dedicated data center level instances. The architecture is designed from the lowest level for building secure enclaves to isolate tenants without dedicated physical hardware. Each tenant has its own user managed compute, storage and networking resources.

Nested multi-tenancy is a unique ability for a tenant to further subdivide resources to subtenants in the form of a complete virtual data center. Total isolation is maintained, making Yottabyte ideal for service providers.

This breakthrough in virtualization technology allows deployment of policy-based software defined data centers in minutes.

Cloud Drops

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure Services


Built in hypervisor based on QEMU/KVM supports Linux and Windows guests. Zero downtime is enabled with live migration. Delivers bare metal-like performance that is easy to manage with automated VM snapshot & retention services.

Enterprise Grade


Includes a full network management stack that goes beyond virtual switch management. Each network includes an integrated firewall and common network services. External and internal network management includes a NAT/PAT rules engine, throughput and packet rate throttling and real-time and historical metrics.

High Performance Storage

Our virtual SAN was built from the ground up for the sole purpose of providing scale out storage services for virtual machines and NAS volumes. Similar to blockchain technology, the Yottabyte vSAN guarantees data integrity through the use of cryptographic hashes. Multiple tiers of storage can be optimized for any workload and include NVMe, SSD and HDD. A rich set of enterprise storage services includes snapshots, high availability, disaster recovery, global in-line deduplication and more.

Unlimited Scalability

Yottabyte is designed to grow with your needs from a simple pair of servers to rack-scale and cloud-scale to power the most demanding Service Provider or Enterprise environment. Fault-tolerant resources can be scaled on-demand, without service interruption. In addition, nested tenancy allows management delegation to tenants, so your management layer is as scalable as your physical resources.

Data Center Automation

Through built-in automation, Yottabyte delivers rapid deployment of IT cloud service provisioning and ongoing operational management.

Customers can easily model a complete cloud infrastructure stack that includes compute, storage and networking resources along with their associated policies.

Templates can be created that embed both automation and policy, and when deployed will automatically orchestrate the provisioning and lifecycle of all required components.

Management of all data center resources are presented through an easy to use web-based management console. New storage volumes, virtual networks, and entire virtual computing environments can be spun up with just a few clicks, on a moment’s notice, securely from any connected device.


Yottabyte Cloud OS dramatically shortens the path to a private or public cloud data center by increasing admin productivity and reducing the total cost of ownership.