For Enterprises

Yottabyte Cloud Software enables Enterprise IT teams to build, deploy and manage powerful cloud data centers in minutes. Our software provides a complete set of services for compute, storage, and networking to enable a wide range of enterprise workloads.

Built with simplicity and completeness in mind, Yottabyte’s fully integrated solution eliminates the complexity of managing compatibility across multiple vendors – enabling rapid deployment and easy management.

Yottabyte delivers the following benefits:

Cost effective

Runs on industry standard hardware with subscription, perpetual, and consumption based pricing models to fit your business needs.

Complete software stack

All the software you need to build world-class software defined private or hybrid cloud data centers.

One-click simplicity

An easy to use web-based console gives you total control to your data center and the power to deploy new ones without disruption.

No additional software licenses

Eliminates complexity and overhead of DIY alternatives requiring close coordination of ongoing patches and upgrades.

If you are ready to increase agility, boost productivity and improve customer service at a lower cost, Yottabyte is the solution.

For Service Providers

Service providers utilize Yottabyte's cloud building software to stand-up their own cloud environment for customers, expanding the value of hosted and managed services, strengthening customer relationships and increasing revenue.

Build your own private/public/hybrid cloud to sell to your customers, opening up new revenue streams in no time – no integration needed. Our licensing structure means your time to profitability is dramatically reduced for you and your customers.

Tightly integrated components of the Yottabyte software stack eliminates the need to coordinate updates and compatibility across vendors. This means rapid deployment, simpler staff training, straight forward maintenance, and scale-out operations.

Stand up complete cloud data centers

Stand up complete cloud data centers in seconds to turn Infrastructure-as-a Service into a profit center

Easily provision resources

Easily provision resources to your customers at the click of a button. Tenant resource allocation and usage statistics are available for detailed reporting and billing.

Secure nested multi-tenancy

Secure nested multi-tenancy provides dedicated instances of complete cloud data centers for Service Providers to build secure enclaves to isolate tenants without the need to add expensive dedicated physical hardware.

Self monitoring and healing

Self monitoring and healing automates the management of customer environments to achieve and exceed SLAs.