Today's IT workloads require agility and security that's difficult and expensive to achieve with legacy virtualization. The unit of virtualization, the machine, is too small.

An entire industry of convergence was layered on top of legacy virtualization in attempts to simplify it. It only did so in appearance.

The result is complexity upon complexity. It won't work for today's or tomorrow' workloads.

Tomorrow's workloads require a stack that's much more economical, scalable and less complex. It needs to Simplify IT.

Tomorrow's workloads will require that the entire data center is virtualized in one single, thin piece of software that gets the most out of the hardware with the least effort. is that software.

Simplify IT.


Reduce capital and operating expenses by over 50%. Increase your margins as a provider and expand your product line.


Scale incrementally to match demand for workload capacity. Just add more commodity servers.

Elegantly Simple

One single, thin piece of software replaces many disparate vendors. One SKU, one bill, one dashboard, one API. does to the data center what VMware did to the server many years ago.
We virtualized the entire stack into a single piece of software.
Other solutions used orchestration, management tools or integration to provide a simple, single UI to a private cloud.

Complexity still exists, it's just a bit hidden at times. It won't work for workloads in the future, that have to run outside the public cloud and in the field to the edge.
That’s why our North Star is how to make IT ever simpler.
“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean and make it simple.”
– Steve Jobs

VMware first virtualized the server. Over time they virtualized other aspects of the IT stack, partly through development but also through acquisition. It's a robust and broad product set.

For some it's become too complex. It can require many different SKUs, with complex pricing and significant API integration to build out a virtualized data center. Recent M&A activity has also caused many to look for alternatives. For a more technical deep dive click here.

Nutanix introduced us to hyperconvergence and orchestration with a single UI. It made managing and deploying a private cloud easy. Their pivot to a software company has allowed for more hardware choices. Even though Nutanix has their own hypervisor, many still use VMware.

The inability to scale resources independently, pricing and continued complexity in product lineup have caused some to seek simpler, less expensive alternatives.

OpenStack is a community led private cloud project. Over time it has become a very common architecture for private clouds. The lack of license fees, ability to run on commodity hardware and feature set have made it a popular choice.

However, it takes a lot of expertise to set up and requires significant automation to really gain benefit. Some seek alternatives to deal with staffing challenges, automation challenges or for more remote private clouds.


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The hyperscale public clouds provide a lot of value, especially early on in a project’s lifecycle. You can quickly and easily spin up significant infrastructure. They've grown from hosting private clouds to offering full platforms for your applications.

It now suffers from some of the same issues as other legacy alternatives - it’s become so big and complex that it requires a lot of highly trained staff to use.  Challenges are sprawl, run-away and complex billing and inability to run “in the field” outside their cloud causing people to seek alternatives.

Hyper-v by Microsoft is popular among shops that rely heavily on Microsoft. It’s pricing can be very attractive though it’s feature set is very thin.  

Hyper-v is a hypervisor for CPU and memory. It does not provide virtualized storage or networking. A Hyper-v platform will require additional products and licenses to support the storage and networking. It can get complicated quickly if you want a very dense environment for the edge, or a highly scalable, reliable platform in a data center.

Compute has a built-in hypervisor based on QEMU/KVM that supports both Linux and Windows guests. Our hypervisor provides bare metal-like compute performance to your virtual machines and virtual data centers.

Additional Compute Features


Our virtual SAN provides scale out architecture for massive data stores and NAS volumes. Using blockchain technology, your storage is encrypted, ultra-secure, and only increases when unique data is written, regardless of whether you clone a single VM or 100. Global deduplication, snapshotting and recovery are built into the storage, not add-ons, and impart almost no performance hit.

Additional Storage Features

Network includes a software-based delivery of tools and management for the full network management stack. Each network includes an integrated firewall and common network services.

Additional Network Features

Multi-Tenancy increases IT agility. Instantly create, move, scale, clone entire nested multi-tenant virtual data centers.  

Create independent, secure, nested virtual data centers. Each virtual data center can have its own compliance standards or can be cloned from a template to assure consistent compliance.  Each tenant virtual data center is containerized and isolated so it can be moved from one  platform to another. Use tenancy to manage compliance, selling through channel or charge back needs.

The Data Center Reimagined is one single, powerful, thin piece of software that replaces many disparate vendors and orchestration challenges. It's just one SKU, one bill, one dashboard, one API managed by generalist IT staff.

Legacy Architecture

One single license

Runs on commodity hardware

Globally deduplicated storage

Fully encapsulated virtual data center

Nested multi-tenant virtual data centers

DR and Business Continuity included

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