Q2 2022 is Verge.io's most productive quarter ever

We just finished our best quarter in Verge.io's history.

Our VP of Sales Chris Lehman led the team to this fantastic outcome.

Our KPI's show that we have a repeatable, and scalable sales process. Our final few deals of the quarter had record low sales cycles and lead costs.We also identified a high-ROI and highly scalable marketing process. So, we're dramatically increasing our marketing spend starting now. Analysts, new marketing tech stack, PR firm and more Google Adwords spend are in the works. And of course we love our experience with The Pipeline Group. Thanks Ken Jisser.

Our message resonates. Everyone is looking to simplify IT. There's nothing simpler than using Verge.io software product on commodity hardware instead of the 10 vendors and 3 experts needed with other legacy providers.

We're also speaking to a lot of people highly motivated to find an alternative to VMware given their acquisition by Broadcom Inc. While I feel for the VMware employee's who will lose their jobs I also feel for their customers who are about to lose support and pay more for the privilege.

Thanks to our new customers, our existing customers and all our employees for such a successful quarterly.

We're just getting started.

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