Benefits is a single piece of software than runs on commodity hardware.
Its simplicity provides a cost structure, security profile and agility difficult to match.

Increase Profitability reduces the unit cost of delivering IT, increasing the profitability of service providers and enterprises.

  • Reduce  IT capex and opex by over 50%

  • Greatly simplify compliance and audits

  • Increase agility by virtualizing and nesting the entire data center

  • Greatly simplify your licensing

  • Scale as your needs scale, reducing capital risk

Streamlined IT Operations includes robust automation features that free IT personnel from everyday toil and drudgery. It enables your IT team to make a more strategic impact.

Simplified Compliance improves your security and compliance frameworks. We’ve simplified the process of achieving compliance. Recipes allow you to instantly create and deploy compliant virtual data centers in a few mouse clicks.

Click here to see how you can Simplify Compliance by using recipes to create a compliant VDC.

Superior Ransomware

Ransomware encryption causes significant unique data writes due to's global deduplication technology. Restore from a snapshot prior to that encryption to rescue data from ransom.

Portability simplifies moving workloads. Each virtual data data center is encapsulated and can be easily moved, synched or cloned between installations. This includes public IPs, DNS, networking, firewall rules, storage, backup and DR.

Rapid Scalability

Scale horizontally or vertically as needed. will catalog then liquify newly available resources. Add only the resources you need. You don't have to add CPU, RAM and storage in any particular ratio.

from our customers

“Since installing, we’ve seen a 50% reduction in hardware and software costs, twice the monthly margin on each customer that converts, and at least a 30% reduction in daily support tasks for our customers.”

Nate Battles

Managing Partner

“ allowed us to solve the secure research needs at Arizona State University in an astoundingly fast manner, with visibility and security that makes supporting a large number of unique use cases as easy as following a recipe.”

Chris Kurtz

Dir. of Enterprise Architecture in the Research Technology Office

“ makes staying in compliance easy. Recipes and clones assure that new virtual data centers match audited standards. The result is better use of our technology and a more secure profile, for less.”

Patrick Laughlin

Operations Manager

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