Yottabyte Partnership Program
Agent Partner


What does being a Yottabyte Agent entail?

As an Agent partner, your primary responsibility is to introduce Yottabyte to new potential customers. When a deal closes, a commission will be paid out to you. From there, you can continue expanding your market reach and exploring new sales opportunities; Yottabyte will handle all sales and technical support services directly.

Key Benefits
Agent Partner

Yottabyte Support

Any customers you introduce to Yottabyte will work directly with Yottabyte (including Sales Engineering, Professional Services, and Technical Support teams). The people you bring to the table will have the right help every step of the way, and you'll have confidence that they'll be getting a successful and positive experience.

Profit Opportunities

A commission will be paid out to you on all closed deals introduced by you.

Expand Market Reach

As a Yottabyte agent, you'll have a unique opportunity to expand your market reach. The expansive footprint the Yottabyte platform provides will open doors with a system flexible approach that will change the way IT infrastructure design is done.

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