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Virtualization Software for Secure Multi-Tenant Private Clouds

Simple & Powerful

The mass digitization and internet of things will demand compute in the field, outside the cloud and to the edge.

Traditional legacy cloud architectures are too complex and require too much handholding.

At we've simplified the software defined data center into a single, powerful piece of software that runs on commodity hardware.

The simple, easy, cost-effective solution allows you to have private clouds anywhere you need them.

Run workloads in the field and at the edge

High performance, high compliance workloads on-premise

Remote desktops powered by shared GPU hardware

Providers selling full virtual data centers


The public cloud is ideal for highly centralized computing, like mainframes of the 1970s. To support the massive data growth of tomorrow, future  workloads will run outside the cloud and closer to the edge.  Current solutions are too bloated, require too much handholding and are too complex for workloads outside data centers.

We've solved that. is a thin, powerful software defined infrastructure with extreme security, scalability and self-healing. Ideal for workloads of the future.


Reduce capital and operating expenses by over 50%. Increase your margins as a provider and expand your product line.

Run Anywhere

Thin and powerful software handles the compute and massive storage needs outside the cloud and to the edge

Easily Scalable

Easily scale beyond other solutions to handle massive data growth.

Data Center Anywhere is one single, powerful,  piece of software that replaces many disparate vendors and orchestration challenges. It's just one SKU, one bill, one dashboard, one API managed by generalist IT staff.

Legacy Architecture

One single license

Runs on commodity hardware

Globally deduplicated storage

Fully encapsulated virtual data center

Nested multi-tenant virtual data centers

Backup and DR included

why we're here

Founded and operated by people passionate about creating better IT through software, imagines a future where IT staff and CFO’s get a break.


Simplify Infrastructure

Reliable IT infrastructure has gotten too complex and too expensive. We believe dramatically better software is the solution.


Reimagine IT

We started from scratch. Ignored the siloes of today's IT stack. We imagined a single, powerful, thin piece of software on commodity hardware.


Reimagine Impact

The result is composable IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost, with increased agility and scalability.

Words from our customers

“ makes staying in compliance easy. Recipes and clones assure that new virtual data centers match audited standards. The result is better use of our technology and a more secure profile, for less.”

Patrick Laughlin

Operations Manager

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