Hyperconvergence Evolved 

Feature-rich virtual datacenters in a singular, low-cost platform.

Why Verge-OS

Replace 10 vendors with 1 license


Verge-OS unifies 10+ disparate vendors and licenses under a single platform that’s feature-rich, scalable and resilient against ransomware and other malicious attacks.

Incident Management Reduction up to


Verge-OS offers a dramatically simplified data center management strategy in a single, elegant solution that employs fewer resources and less complexity than traditional solutions. Incident management is reduced up to 50% as a result.

CAPEX and OPEX Savings Up to


Significantly reduce capital and operations expenses to realize significant savings – up to 70% – and increase your profitability threefold.

“Verge-OS beats every other virtualization & HCI solution on the market.  It allows MSPs to keep Windows & Linux workloads in house at higher margins, and not lose those workloads to hyperscale clouds.”

Verge-OS: The Software-Defined Data Center Operating System

Verge-OS approaches the Software Defined Data Center Operating System differently from anyone else. Verge-OS abstracts compute, network, and storage from bare metal servers and creates pools of raw resources. Verge-OS then uses these liquified resources to create  containerized virtual data centers that require fewer resources and are more versatile than traditional builds. They result in significant capital savings, increased operational efficiencies, reduced risk, and rapid scalability for MSPs and their customers.

Under a single license, Verge-OS includes all of the following components:

  • Hypervisor
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • vSAN
  • NAS
  • Firewall
  • Orchestration
  • System Management
  • Logging
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery

The Data Center Reimagined

Traditional Architecture

  Multiple vendors and licenses
  Inefficient interfacing applications
  Expensive custom hardware
  Deploy in weeks or more
  Siloed expert IT staff
  Add-ons required for backup and disaster recovery



  One vendor under a single license
  One integrated solution for seamless performance
  Uses commodity hardware
  Deploy new environments in seconds
  Remove reliance on expensive technical specialists
  Easily configure backup and DR features 


Verge-OS uses blockchain bit-level storage that’s encrypted both in transit and at rest. Trusted and validated updates automatically identify and remove ransomware, malicious code, and other malware to keep critical data secure. Any ransomware attacks identified at the guest level can be quickly reverted, whether it is a virtual disk, VM or an entire Virtualized Datacenter.


Migrate workloads instantly and more efficiently to the cloud and address legacy systems that won’t fit onto cloud-native architecture. Whether your customers use public or private cloud, Verge-OS offers a more comprehensive and complete service offering to support a mixed cloud strategy than anyone else.


Scaling available resources is as simple as adding more hardware to the system. Virtual data centers can be composed or expanded from multiple resource pools including compute, storage or HCI, enabling endless scale options.


A Greener World for Everyone

Reduce your carbon footprint up to 70% and make a positive impact on the environment with Verge-OS. We extend the life of existing hardware and use less of it, meaning fewer servers, less power used and less energy consumed. It’s our way of making the world a better place for ourselves and for future generations.

Who Should Use Verge-OS

Whether you’re an MSP or enterprise providing services to lines of business, Verge-OS can help you increase your profitability, decrease resources consumed, and realize significant cost savings. Our cloud platform is a proven solution used by SMBs, enterprises, universities, government agencies, and service providers alike for more than 5 years across North America.

Managed Service Providers

Verge-OS allows for the rapid deployment and practical management of virtual data centers, which results in better profit margins, reduced headcount, mitigated risk and speedier time to deployment for MSPs and their customers.


Large enterprises that have their own data centers and services will benefit greatly from’s simplistic pricing model, reduction in IT vendors and lower TCO for a more cost-effective cloud approach.

Simplify Data Center Compliance

Concerned about compliance? Rest easy. Verge-OS provides easily configurable components to achieve compliance without the need to stitch together multiple vendors. When you’re ready, clone and deploy a second (or third) environment in minutes instead of months.

What people are saying...

Nate Battles
Managing Partner

“Since installing Verge-OS, we’ve seen a 50% reduction in hardware and software costs, twice the monthly margin on each customer that converts, and at least a 30% reduction in daily support tasks for our customers.”

Chris Kurtz
Senior Systems Architect
Arizona State University

“ allowed us to solve the secure research needs at Arizona State University in an astoundingly fast manner, with visibility and security that makes supporting a large number of unique use cases as easy as following a recipe.”

Patrick Laughlin
Operations Manager

“Because it’s so easy to use, you stay in compliance with your security measures. Otherwise, the burden of updating security gets pushed. Nobody wants to do it because it’s cumbersome. Verge-OS makes it easier to be thorough and to use technology correctly.”

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