The public cloud is ideal for highly centralized computing, like mainframes of the 1970s. Workloads of the future will require a new platform for delivering software defined infrastructure. That's not where the workload action is in the future.

Future workloads happen at the edge, with massive data sets. A singular but powerful, low-footprint software defined platform is required. That's what we built.


Reduce capital and operating expenses by over 50%. Increase your margins as a provider and expand your product line.


Thin and powerful software handles the compute and massive storage needs for edge workloads

Easily Scalable

Easily scale beyond other solutions to handle massive data growth.

The Data Center Reimagined is one single, powerful, thin piece of software that replaces many disparate vendors and orchestration challenges. It's just one SKU, one bill, one dashboard, one API managed by generalist IT staff.

Legacy Architecture

One single license

Runs on commodity hardware

Globally deduplicated storage

Fully encapsulated virtual data center

Nested multi-tenant virtual data centers

Backup and DR included

who we're here for

why we're here

Founded and operated by people passionate about creating better IT through software, imagines a future where IT staff and CFO’s get a break.


Simplify Infrastructure

Reliable IT infrastructure has gotten too complex and too expensive. We believe dramatically better software is the solution.


Reimagine IT

We started from scratch. Ignored the siloes of today's IT stack. We imagined a single, powerful, thin piece of software on commodity hardware.


Reimagine Impact

The result is composable IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost, with increased agility and scalability.

from our customers

“Since installing, we’ve seen a 50% reduction in hardware and software costs, twice the monthly margin on each customer that converts, and at least a 30% reduction in daily support tasks for our customers.”

Nate Battles

Managing Partner

“ allowed us to solve the secure research needs at Arizona State University in an astoundingly fast manner, with visibility and security that makes supporting a large number of unique use cases as easy as following a recipe.”

Chris Kurtz

Dir. of Enterprise Architecture in the Research Technology Office

“ makes staying in compliance easy. Recipes and clones assure that new virtual data centers match audited standards. The result is better use of our technology and a more secure profile, for less.”

Patrick Laughlin

Operations Manager

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