SDI software-defined infrastructure

SDI Software-Defined Infrastructure

Virtualization has changed the way that computing resources are deployed within the datacenter, but the datacenter itself is the same as its ever been - slow, inflexible, and restrictive. These traditional, rigid datacenters greatly reduce an IT organizations ability to respond to business needs, which negatively impacts business performance.

To move beyond these limitations, companies like Yottabyte have created the “software-defined infrastructure” to redefine your datacenter architecture. A software-defined infrastructure embodies the core concept of server virtualization – that resources can be applied much more efficiently when they are not tied to the underlying hardware – but expands that concept to apply to the entire datacenter infrastructure. Computing, storage, and networking resources become logical services rather than discrete hardware units, resulting in a datacenter environment that can be configured, provisioned, and automated with flexibility that's simply not attainable in a traditional environment.

A software-defined infrastructure is defined by three key concepts:

  • Abstraction – Computing, storage, and networking resources are abstracted using a hypervisor (like Cloud Composer's integrated KVM hypervisor). This separates the resources from the underlying hardware and allows you to deal with them as logical services rather physical objects.
  • Pooled Resources – Once resources are abstracted from the underlying hardware, they are aggregated into resource pools that are then provisioned to applications or services independent of the physical infrastructure or geography.
  • Rapid Provisioning – Because resources are virtualized and pooled, they can be provisioned and reconfigured through software controls rather than hardware or infrastructure reconfiguration.

The Yottabyte Difference

Most software-defined infrastructure offerings are either trapped inside overpriced hardware appliances or sold as individual components that must be managed and configured independently. This adds cost and complexity that puts these solutions out of reach for most businesses.

With Cloud Composer, we take a different approach. We know that simplest is usually best, so we offer Cloud Composer as a complete bundled solution – hardware, software, and and optional co-management – to shorten your time to value. If you want it even simpler, we can host the whole infrastructure and simply extend a hybrid cloud to your premises.

For more information about Cloud Composer, Yottabyte's software-defined infrastructure: Click Here