Hyperconverged Infrastructure HCI

Most businesses employ a datacenter methodology that reached its peak decades ago. Centralized storage, isolated workloads, and discrete computing resources create an inflexible infrastructure that cannot easily adapt to changing requirements.

A new approach to datacenter architecture - the hyperconverged infrastructure - has recently emerged to address flexibility, scalability and multi-tenancy limitations. Conceived by internet superpowers like Google and Amazon and brought to market by Yottabyte, hyper-convergence abstracts and merges resources from individual commodity servers, then presents these resources as configurable classes of virtual storage, virtual compute, and virtual network capacity.

Hyperconverged infrastructures are defined by two key concepts:

  • Modularity – In traditional datacenter architectures, computing resources (servers), storage (SAN/NAS devices) and the network infrastructure are all separate silos and must be scaled and managed independently. In a hyperconverged infrastructure, these resources are all brought together into modular building block appliances. As you add more computing power, you also improve your network and storage capacity. With this model, scaling is linear, providing predictable costs and eliminating resource planning.
  • Virtualized Resources – In a hyperconverged infrastructure, all resources are abstracted from the underlying hardware and presented as configurable classes of capacity. This provides for a much more efficient use of resources, but more importantly allows any workload to automatically take advantage of new capacity.

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Yottabyte's Software-defined Infrastructure


The Yottabyte Difference

While all hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are similar in concept, they are certainly not all the same. Most vendors market premium-priced, rebadged hardware appliances with proprietary hardware, and you need to license 3rd party hypervisors, backup licenses and more.

Cloud Blox, powered by Cloud Composer, takes a different approach. We know that businesses are tight on capital. That’s why we turn commodity hardware into hyperconverged scale-out building block appliances and pass that cost savings on to you. Cloud Blox are a complete solution with all the hardware and software you’d need to build your next generation datacenter infrastructure. If you don’t want to own or manage the infrastructure, we offer cloud computing and storage infrastructure services as well as co-managed and co-hosted managed support services. We provide a complete hyperconverged infrastructure solution that allows you to build a flexible, high-performance and fully elastic infrastructure.



The Cloud Composer platform allows you to add performance or capacity resources in minutes, while its intelligent load balancing allocates the new resources to get the biggest bang for your buck. Since there is more to scalability than just adding gigabytes and CPUs, Cloud Composer scales out geographically as well. Simply add a server where you need it, and the distributed Yottabyte File System automatically allocates resources across your environment.



Cloud Composer provides flexibility that traditional architectures can't match. Cloud Composer is abstracted from specific hardware or locations, so you can add capacity anywhere in your environment and use it everywhere. With unmatched scalability, both upward and outward, Cloud Composer can be adapted to meet your needs now and in the future.



Cloud Composer is designed to provide you with the right balance of reliability, availability, and cost. A highly flexible datacenter platform, Cloud Composer can be configured with complete hardware redundancy to eliminate single points of failure, and includes data synchronization capabilities to ensure your data is always available. With backup, replication, and synchronization capabilities, coupled with multi-site data restoration, Cloud Composer provides unparalleled data reliability.

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