Remember the days when technology was supposed to make our lives easier? Save us money? Remember when technology was supposed to work for us, and not the other way around? We remember. We built our products using technology that makes things easier. Better. Simpler, more feature-rich, and more affordable than the status quo. We created technology that works for you, so you can go back to working for your business.

Yottabyte Technologies

SDI Software-Defined Infrastructure

A software-defined infrastructure embodies the core concept of server virtualization – that resources can be applied much more efficiently when they are not tied to the underlying hardware – but expands that concept to apply to the entire datacenter infrastructure. Unlike other offerings that interface several different technologies and manage them from a common application, Yottabyte's Cloud Composer technology is built from the ground up with this in mind.

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HCI Hyper Converged Infrastructure

A new approach to datacenter architecture has recently emerged - the hyperconverged infrastructure - to address flexibility, scalability and multi-tenancy limitations. Conceived by internet superpowers like Google and Amazon and brought to market by Yottabyte in the form of Cloud Blox appliances, hyperconvergence merges resources from individual commodity servers, then presents these resources as configurable classes of virtual compute, virtual storage, and virtual network capacity in virtual datacenters.

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SDS Software-Defined Storage

The core of Yottabyte’s technology is a scale-out, software-defined-storage platform. This intelligent resource virtualization software completely abstracts the underlying hardware and replaces antiquated storage architectures with a highly scalable, distributed solution. High-performance all flash or capacity optimized hard drive systems connect into a scalable virtual SAN costing up to 80% less than traditional storage arrays.

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