SAN/NAS Replacement

Virtual storage does away with the traditional, monolithic storage array, replacing it with a distributed pool of virtualized storage resources. With storage virtualization, a hypervisor separates the storage capacity from the underlying disc hardware. This capacity is pooled and presented as unified storage resources. Abstracted virtual storage is considerably more scalable than traditional storage devices. There are virtually no maximum device limitations, and performance and capacity can be added without the need for migration or downtime.

yCenter eliminates these limitations by providing a software-defined solution that allows you to build a highly-scalable distributed storage platform that provides elastic provisioning and unmatched flexibility without the need for additional licenses, SAN hardware, or expensive infrastructure components.

  • Reduce Storage Costs – yCenter transforms commodity servers and direct-attached disk into a powerful distributed storage platform. With yCenter, you don't need an expensive, proprietary enclosure, special switches or adaptors.
  • Boost Performance – yCenter supports caching to high-performance storage, allowing for significantly faster read/write performance while still leveraging lower cost devices for long term storage. In a virtual environment, common OS and kernel files can be cached on high-speed flash storage, substantially improving VM performance.
  • Flexible Capacity – yCenter pools available storage capacity and intelligently balances available resources to meet demand. If storage resources are added or removed, yCenter automatically re-balances the load to ensure the most effective use of the new or remaining capacity. With yCenter's distributed file system, the direct-attached disk on each host can be pooled and presented as shared storage. As new hosts are introduced, their disks can easily be added to the storage pool.
  • Redundancy – yCenter is built on a distributed network of low-cost commodity hardware that when coupled with yCenter software, transforms into powerful scale-out building block appliances. This allows you to easily and inexpensively configure redundant systems, either within the datacenter or around the world. yCenter includes built-in data synchronization that simultaneously writes data to multiple sites, eliminating single points of failure.
  • Ease of Management – The full scope of yCenter functionality can be managed and configured by an IT generalist through a simple-to-use dashboard interface.

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