Yottabyte Cloud Services

Modern businesses need the flexibility and responsiveness that cloud computing offers, but often lack the expertise and resources necessary to build a cloud with traditional architectures or find a cloud service that fits their needs.

The goal of the “cloud” is to provide an agile, reconfigurable environment that can provision computing and storage resources on-demand to meet changing needs. The key to this flexibility lies with the architecture itself. Traditional datacenters are limited by a reliance on static storage installations and a rigid networking infrastructure. In order to overcome these limitations, a new approach to datacenter architecture is needed.

Yottabyte Cloud Services are built using our datacenter reference architecture. Cloud Blox, powered by Cloud Composer, are the foundation of this architecture and is the ideal platform on which to base large-scale virtualization, private and hybrid cloud deployments. Cloud Composer creates a software-defined datacenter that lets you deploy applications, provision VMs, and reconfigure the infrastructure in seconds, without changing the underlying hardware.

Cloud Storage

Yottabyte’s hybrid and public cloud storage delivers high performance where you need it and flexibility for all your primary storage, NAS, backup and archive needs.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing delivers on-demand resources to virtual datacenter environments, engineered to deliver high performance and enterprise reliability.

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