Why Yottabyte

Who are we? We’re just like you – frustrated by the limitations of modern IT infrastructure, overwhelmed by the complexity and rigidity of legacy technology architectures, and left wanting more and better options. Unlike you, we’re a team with decades of experience running tech companies, and happened to be in a position to do something about it. We’re based in Michigan, which is the place to be from if you want to change the rules of the old, entrenched IT game.


IT administrators are increasingly frustrated by the cost and complexity of current information technology solutions.


They do not want to be held captive by one brand or vendor.


Reliance on rigid hardware infrastructures is a major source of business disruption.

With those problems in mind, we founded Yottabyte to deliver Cloud Composer, our flagship software-defined infrastructure platform that introduces the first truly virtual datacenter, takes a giant step toward eliminating vendor lock-in, enables a truly elastic IT infrastructure, and simplifies the management of your entire datacenter.

For more information about Cloud Composer, Yottabyte's software-defined infrastructure: Click Here